Retirement and Socks

Today was the first real day of retirement for DH.   Some of today was spent discussing what adjustments will be made.   We just needed clarity on things like which days will be spent doing things we will do together – such as shopping and which will be at home.    He knows I will never run out of projects I want to do and he will work at getting projects he wants to do, though for the immediate future that may be lots of reading and the gym.


P1000918 mountain color socks

I was ready to start a new pair of socks and found this pair had a few inches knit.   It also had a pattern with it, but not the pattern that the socks were being knitted.  I’m not sure how that happened.    I undid a few rows to figure out the pattern and am now knitting them as my March pair of socks.  Since they are larger yarn and larger needles, they will go faster than the last socks.    I’m using “Mountain Colors  Golden Willow”  from Weavers Wool Quarters which is 100% worsted wool.


2 Responses

  1. Janice says:

    where do you buy your yarn?

    • sharon says:

      I buy at various places. This yarn was from a local shop that has since gone out of business.
      We have several yarn shops in the area, plus there are three who have quite a good sampling at the
      Sew Expo. The first 4 days of May there will be a yarn shop hop in the area. If you are
      interested on line, I’ve looked at The Loopy Ewe and Eat, sleep, knit. Both have great