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First Little lambs

Tuesday morning Estelle had a surprise waiting in the barn.   These little lambs are about two hours old at the time of this photo.   They (ram lamb and ewe lamb) are still a bit damp and just learning where mom keeps the food.






I spent a fair amount of the week canning another 21 quarts of potatoes and 60 pints of various type of dry beans.   That makes it fast and easy to make a meal for one.  And it helps heat the house to do this type of canning in the winter when the cold comes.

Then I organized the yarns that  I had spun that are for sale.


And the cold has started.  It is now below freezing and last night we got a smattering of snow.  It is supposed to increase throughout tonight and we may wake up to 1-3″ of snow.  But Monday the rains will be back so it will quickly melt.  In this region, we aren’t used to these cold temperatures, so it’s nice it doesn’t stay cold a long time.  February is usually our harshest weather.

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