Daily Archives: March 25, 2014




A Friend and fencing

Yeah the fence man came and started electrifying the fence.     This is great as the dogs will have more freedom and we will know where they are.   Assuming they don’t get out of the small paddock, the rest of the fence will be worked on next week.

P1010089 greem jacket with prarie pts.

 Mary, my friend, came over today and we worked some unfinished projects together.    It’s fun every once in awhile to be able to do things together.   She is so funny, she calls herself the “finisher”   It seems that whenever she comes, I have several unfinished projects and she just takes over and gets them done.  Everyone needs a friend like Mary.   We finished a second doll dress, she mended a coat, and she put a zipper in the sweatshirt instead of the buttons I was going to put in as the buttonholer was refusing to work correctly.