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What a lovely day!!.   The sun is shining and not even a sweater is needed outside.   When I went to the kitchen, these lovely blooms greeted me.    Did they read the sign?   They bloomed at Thanksgiving and now again.  I love it!

P1000952 cactus plant

Look how stunningly beautiful each blossom is!

P1000949 c actus side

P1000951 close up cactus

And when I went outside, this is what I found.   Apparently these chickens had each claimed a pot in which to sit.

P1000953 chickens in pots

After lunch we went to the store – to get more babies as we need more eggs for our small clientele.

P1000954 polish bantams

P1000956  hopefully silkie bantams

The first are Polish bantams and the second are hopefully silkies.   They weren’t sure nor were they sure of the sex of any of these.   So all six of these will be a big surprise.  I am looking for some little silkie girls.   The Bantams are just for fun.



P1000957 bantams and austrolops

This bucket has the Silkies and the black Austrolorps

P1000958 wyndottes and arocanas

Here are the (black) Wyandotte and the Araucanas (sometimes called Easter Egg chicks)  I’m all ready for a fun summer.   Somewhere I want to find time to tame these chicks so they are more friendly adults.