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After church dinner

This is the photo I promised of a Jerusalem artichoke (sunchoke).   It is very knobby and this one still has lots of dirt attached.   Sometimes a knob has to be cut off to wash all the dirt.   I used them in the salad sliced thinly as “water chestnuts”  however, next week I plan to cook some as potatoes.

P1000938 sunchoke

Today we invited 5 guests for dinner to get to know them better.  We enjoyed Broccoli Quinoa, roasted cauliflower, roasted squash, corn,  tossed salad, zucchini bread, and regular whole wheat bread with hummus.  We didn’t have dessert as we rarely have room left after eating a good meal.

P1000937 Sab lunch

(DH was concerned that I not show the people as recognizable since I hadn’t asked for permission.  What is the rule on this?  Do you know?)