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Big and little accomplishments

First if you are at all interested in health, I want to recommend this series of free videos by Dr. Youngberg.    This is a series of 12 he is recording and making available.  Tonight’s lecture is on exercise and diet and how it will optimize your health and turn on good genes and off bad genes.   It is available for the week.    We enjoyed the first lecture and encourage you to upload and listen to them.

Today has been a day of cleaning up little projects and working a new big project.   At least that is what I wrote at the start of my day.   I was going to do some major yard work, plant a number of starts in little pots,  and a couple other little jobs.    Some jobs have a way of taking more time than they should.   So the day really went like this:

Small job (hahaha)     Clean wheels on one chair.  Take all the threads out of wheels which hadn’t been done for about 15 months.

P1010061 dirty wheels

There is a bit of accumulation here.    Have you ever had to do this?    Here I am removing bunches of threads and lint.

P1010065 threads being removed from wheel

Finally done with one wheel and here is the pile of lint from ONE WHEEL.

P1010062 from one wheel

This job is taking way to long so after three wheels I hemmed this pair of jeans and this really was a small job.

P1010064 hemmed jeans

Back to the wheels, all done (after 3 hours), cleaned and oiled.

P1010066 clean wheel

And here is how much thread and whatever a chair with 5 wheels can hold.

P1010067 all 5 wheels

Now off to remove 3 Barbary plants, moss, and weeds.   This was the expected big task and DH dug them out for me and then cleaned my trimming mess when I was done.    It took about the same amount of time as the one chair!   The Barbary are the red plants and just full of thorns.

P1010068 front yard

And you can see in this photo the ground cover is also out of control.

P1010073 gropund cover out of control

It does seem that I get a larger mess before getting done.   What about you?

P1010074 after clip

And now this area is cleaned,  I just have to get a few plants to replace what we’ve removed .  I’d also like to take out those yellow-green plants in the upper right back.  They are a bush dogwood that I need to keep trimming.   They sprawl much more than I like.

P1010084 after weeding

 As a break while working on this project, I did some walking on the back deck.   Look at these funny chickens, who started following me (hoping for food).   As soon as I turned to look at them, they got this “who me” pose.

P1010076 innocent chicks

(small job) I also got these steps worked on.   They are under the cedar tree and when the cedar sheds, it makes the steps very slippery.   They are now cleaned up

P1010077 cedar steps

And this is the raspberry patch.   In the past, I have always trimmed them back every year.   I was talked into leaving them, without trimming.   With the looks of these, I think I’ll go back to trimming.

And that is how the day really went.    Please tell me you have days like this as well.  I have lots of them.