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Lemonade is here.

Since our computers are all different, I’m not sure how this will show on your computer, but I thought perhaps you’d like to see how really gray our skies can be.   This was at noon today.   It was so gray, it looked more like near dark.  It made for a  great sewing day after shopping chores were done.


Remember the jeans that ended up getting cut off because the pattern caused me grief and I abandoned that idea?


I opened the side seam a bit more.   As you can see, it needs enough room to open flat under the machine.


Here is the lemonade from that lemon.     They are now long shorts, well just over the knee and will be wonderful for gardening.   I love it when something good happens unexpectedly.  I just have to do the final hemming.


And there is a pair for the doll as well, which will go to a child.

As some of you have been reading, there is a neighborhood about an hour  plus from here which slid down the hill.   About half the people who lived there are missing, some found dead, etc.   Everything they had is gone.  I’m hoping there is a girl there who will find comfort in this doll and some clothes.   If not, then there is always a need at Christmas.   I’ll be doing a lot more of this type sewing and if you aren’t already doing things to put aside for someone else, I’d encourage you to start.    Skill level doesn’t matter, caring enough to do something does.    If you don’t enjoy making clothes, how about doll blankets, quilts, etc.   Or how about putting an extra toy in with your purchases from time to time.    Little by little, we don’t see the money go, but it makes a huge difference to the recipient.