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I had plans


Today, I had plans to make a  quick trip to the auto repair shop to get an estimate for a cap that was broken.   Then i would stop at the grocery store, pick up a few items, come home and clean the sheep pen that i didn’t get done yesterday.

God laughed because He had other plans.   I did go to the repair shop for the estimate.   In fact, I was there just before my 8.30 appointment.  Once the mechanic got the car up and the wheels off, he found the car unsafe to drive and would not let me leave with it until they had the dangerous items repaired (They have known us for over 30 years so we trust them).

At 11.30, I went straight home, and talked with my husband.   I relayed to him that the shop thought that 27 years and nearly 300,000 miles on that car was enough.  They explained the things they felt had to be fixed in the next few months if we kept driving it as the main vehicle.  This was not good news to me as I hate having to deal with cars and though I enjoy the fact they get me where I need to be, I don’t enjoy buying them.  DH has been after me for the past 5 years to replace this one and I kept putting him off.


So to better deal with all this, we first enjoyed our favorite Mexican restaurant’s offerings.   Then we set out to look at cars, really not knowing whether it should be a car or a small truck.   We did know we needed something easier for DH to get in and out of and possibly carry a lot of feed bags or a dog.

Since we have had Hondas for years and years and years, we started and ended there.   We chose a used car – 2015.   Then instead of my car we traded in his which was only 17 years old and opted to buy this CR-V as a “family” car.   We will keep my old car in case we need to haul sheep or ? until we do get a small truck. (I’ll try to get a better photo outside the garage when the sun shines again)

I am so thankful that God cares about these little parts of our lives.   He had this car waiting for us at the price we were willing to pay.  I never did get to the grocery store or get the sheep pen cleaned, and this was certainly not my plan for the day, but He knows what I need and when I   need it.   Before I knew what I needed, he set it all in motion.   What an awesome God!



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Time blocks

 It seems my life is currently measured in 4 hour time blocks.

  • 6 AM: feed babies, check everyone, and let them outside for the day.

  • Home to a selected project for an hour and a half before prepping breakfast

  • 10 AM: feed babies, sheep check, and give mothers food and fresh water

  • Home to normal daily activities such as laundry, minimal housework, etc

  • 2 PM:  feed babies, again the check on everyone

  • Usually by this time, I need to take a rest or at least find an activity that sits me down

  • 6 PM:  feed babies, feed adults plus water and close the doors for the night.

  • Family time, worship, and maybe knitting time

  • 10 PM: feed babies, last check on everyone plus any needed water

  • Home to drop until 5:30 AM time to prepare bottles again.

Bottles babies are a lot of extra trouble, and it only lasts 2 months, but on the other hand, one does have to delegate the time blocks so they don’t get away.  After the first feeding, I try to use that hour plus to sew, quilt, plant, or check on my seed growing for the hoop house.

Since we are still doing renovations to the barn, that takes supervision and choices as well during the day.  Today, Mary came over for some quilt help and we were both tired enough, we rested while visiting after feeding babies.

Tonight after the 6PM feeding, I was able to get some knitting done, but at this time of day, I am slow.  I am knitting this lovely pattern found on Ravelry, using the yarn at the top of this page.   It has a 20 row repeat, but only on 12 stitches on each sock.   The rest is all knitted and therefore goes quickly.

Here is today’s “cuteness” photo

2017 Recap and 2018 goals


2017 Recap:

Finished 3 pair of the 12 pair of socks that I kitted, ready to go.

Finished 29 quilts, 10 of which were ready for the quilting.   The other 19 were in early stages or not started.






I also made 2 bags and 2 pillows plus embroidered 4 sets of towels.   I embroidered a Hatched in Africa set each month for their challenge, two of which were jeans.

There were bowl cozies and pea pods.

Then there were the baby lambs and additional sheep and puppy.  I don’t want to forget there was a garden with canning and freezing.

Plus the hospital stays.   It appears to have been a very busy year.  But there were things I did not finish or even start, so they can become goals for the next year.

2018 goals:

I’m expecting much more “out of sewing area” activities.  My sister-in-law has Alzheimer’s and is near the end.  There will be many more lambs plus sheep activities including at least one fair where I will be showing them.  We are moving the garden to a more level spot this spring.  DH is needing more attention.  And there is a big wedding in California in April.   I have fewer flimsies, so most quilts still need much work.

Quilts to do:         Goal is 200 yards usage

  1. Mystery quilt:  Merry Mayhem  –  NY day mystery

  2. Mystery quilt:  “Scrappy friends” – NY day mystery

  3. Bonnie Hunter “On Ringo Lake”  – finished clue #1

  4. Daffodil flimsy – to quilt

  5. Roses flimsy – to quilt

  6. Teddy Bear picnic – to quilt

  7. Celebrate  flimsy – to quilt

  8. Bear paw quilt – large,  cut out

  9. All aboard – not started twin bed size

  10. Fish quilt – not started applique – large wall or lap quilt

  11. Tulip quilt – flimsy – needs quilting

  12. Sunbonnet Sue #4, have sue blocks, needs setting and quilting

  13. Bonnie Hunter 2012, needs to be finished for King size, quilted, etc.

  14. Baby Hono – I want to make a child size turtle quilt

  15. Finish all the paper piecing blocks and finish the wall hanging with them.

Socks:  I’ll keep working on my last year’s kits, since I only finished 1/4 of them.

Other goals:

  1. Learn Electric quilt

  2. Learn cutting machine

  3. Make 10 Alzheimer’s activity mats

  4. Try 2 new recipes a month

  5. Gym 2x week

  6. Make garden plan with plans for starting, fert, etc.

  7. Make hoop house plans as above

Obviously, I will come across items during the year that I will tuck into my weeks.




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December 2017 list

The garlic is in the ground!   Yay!

December 2017 list

This looks like a lot, but some of the items are here to remind me to get others to do them – like the hay and the feeders.

  1. Elm Street’s OMG project — bowl cozies

  2. Make HIA project – critter baby items

  3. test quilt due Jan 8

  4. Make sweet pea pods for gifts

  5. Make some Bendy bags

  6. Sell Imagine serger

  7. Sell Ovation serger

  8. Get hay delivered in barn

  9. get sheep registrations sent in

  10. Sell 4 Shetland rams

  11. Sell 3 fleeces

  12. Ready 3 lambing jugs

  13. Put salt tubs up

  14. Build 5 more sheep feeders

  15. Get small house rented

  16. get up to date on EQ lessons

  17. sign up with new gym coach

  18. make  American girl dresses

  19. Bonnie Hunter mystery up to date

  20.  check and replace sheep coats

  21. plant garlic

  22. make sheep chute

  23. mud control in front of lower barn

  24. update accounts

  25. Fill in farm forms for taxes




November 2017 goals

In order to get much of anything done, I need a list of written goals.   Then if I don’t achieve them all, that’s okay, because I still have achieved more than I would have without the list.

November 2017 goals are:

  1. Continue with gym

  2. Make apple butter

  3. Add more quilting to the “Twinkling snowman” quilt to make it hang right and put a hanger in it.

  4. Find an execute a HIA (Hatched in Africa) project

  5. Take label off Hummingbird quilt and repair binding

  6. Finish Sunbonnet Sue #3 quilt for Elm Street’s OMG project

  7. Make bowl cozies for gifts

  8. Make 4 American girl dresses

  9. Make sweet pea pods for gifts

  10. Make some Bendy bags

  11. Sell Imagine serger

  12. Sell Ovation serger

  13. Get hay delivered in barn

  14. Sell 6 Shetland rams

  15. Ready 3-4 lambing jugs

  16. Put salt tubs up

  17. Build winter sheep feeders

  18. Find 3 recipes for Thanksgiving dinner

  19. Clean and rent the house next door

  20. There may be from 10-20 items that get squeezed in here

Overwhelmed, understaffed, and lists

What do I do when overwhelmed and understaffed?   I make more and more detailed lists.    At the top of the day, when I wasn’t sure which way to go, I started writing down all the things that were bothering me.   I knew they couldn’t all be achieved today or even this week.  On paper, they are not bogging my brain down.  Having made these lists, I could then do a better job of prioritizing.  And yes, more was added as the day went on.  I mean who knew that

the washing machine wanted to die today?    And who knew that when I went to REI to get a pair of gym pants, they would have nothing casual?  Every pair they had were meant to show every wrinkle in the skin.  So after an hour of driving to and from REI, I went to my list and added, “shop for pants and a washing machine”    Costco is sending me pants to try and probably Sears will be delivering a washing machine (still deciding).   Now that was so much easier and better than chasing all over the countryside, wasting time and gas.   I do love some of these modern conveniences even though I believe that we should know how to be self-sufficient.

And who knew my neighbor would call trying to find another neighbor who was no longer in the nursing home (she was transferred back to the hospital)?   Who knows what a day will bring, which is one reason I need my lists for a larger picture of what has to be done and what can be pushed off.

What did I achieve today?

  1. made these muffins that we had with yogurt and fruit for dinner.

  2.  made a list of things to be done by the woman who periodically helps me with the garden and animals.

  3. Called repair for washer and water under wood floor.   Will run fan for 2 days to try to save floor.

  4. at stated above made a trip to REI

  5. researched which washer I want to buy and sent link to

  6. checked bees water

  7. went through fleeces and put a lock in that sheep’s folder

  8. watered hoop house

  9. paid the bills that were due

  10. Copied the utility bills and delivered the neighbors for them to pay

  11. Checked in with a sheep neighbor for info and to see she’s okay

  12. contacted sheep person for registrations for sheep I purchased a year ago

  13. ordered dog food

  14. did two loads of wash before disaster

  15. got lemon tree moved to hoop house

  16. checked on Aunt and found she was moved to rehab today

  17. sew a button on a jacket

  18. and all the things we do every day and don’t count – sweep floors, make meals, feed animals, etc, etc, etc.

  19. There will be more things done between now and bedtime that I can check off.  But then again, I’ll think of more to add.

  20. sewed on my bunny.

Did you notice how many of these items only took a few minutes?     What did you achieve today?   I’ll bet it was a lot more than you gave yourself credit for.   Make a list of everything you do in a day.   It will surprise you, because normally one gets to the end of the day and can’t think of much that was accomplished.  At least that’s what happens here.  When I make a list, I can see that something is done which in turn makes me feel better.

Okay, it’s your turn.   GO make those lists.  And I would love to hear how it went.



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April monthly goals

For April Monthly goals I have listed:


1.   Linking up with Elm Street  One Monthly Goal finishing Spidron which is hand work.

2.   Patchwork times Judy has chosen #1 which on my list will be 11 (since 1 has been finished)  It is a braided table runner kit by Jenny Beyer, which is still in the package.

3.   All People Quilt will be Winter Wonderland Wild bunny -which did not get started last month

4.   HIA will be a Monster Truck boys quilt found at

5.   WA state #4 fish quilt.   I need to digitize the applique for this quilt, so need to start it now.   There is no way it will get finished this month.

6.   I would like to get Judy L “Tell it to the stars” quilted and bound.

7.   I have designs to digitize for 7 dishtowels.

OH,   I desperately need a clone.  This is without a doubt more than I will be able to get done with the outside work now demanding attention.    I am so very good at taking bites too big to chew.


machine embroidery

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unknown socks/digitizing practice

I knitted 2 inches of ribbing for these unknown socks and then decided the yarn is too heavy for the pattern I chose, so will look on Ravelry to find a different pattern.  There are plenty of socks patterns that use a size 2 needle.   See the shadows, even the weather person didn’t forecast sun for today, so it was a big, happy surprise.

Today was productive, but so much was background work, like cutting and washing the batting and backing for the next quilt to be quilted, choosing fabrics for a quilt for my neighbors 90th birthday next month, and cutting the blocks which will be embroidered.

I did a bit more practice on the digitizing and this is the result stitched out.   All these things are done in the background and there isn’t much to take a photo of until things come together.   Then there are the normal living things, like getting up, dressed and walking the 10,000 steps. meals.   I try to get half the steps done before lunch.  It seems if I fail that, the steps don’t get done.

I started reading the time management book last night and one thing I picked up was to not only make a list – which I do, but to put times beside each item so you know how long it really takes as so often we under guess.  That was interesting.   I found that a 2.5″ sock cuff (cast on 3 times) took me 3 hours with a 10 minute break each hour for walking.   Some things took longer than anticipated and some took less.  Some things didn’t get done, which is okay.  I also only allowed 30 minutes of computer reading time until late afternoon.   I realize when I don’t really want to do something, I’m very entertained by reading email instead.

Tonight, I will put together a list for tomorrow, which will include grocery shopping.   I am hoping 90 minutes will be okay for that.  And I need to chose a design for the quilt that is now mounted on the machine and threads for the neighbors quilt.






Cleaning, New friends and March goals


 Some days are just not meant to happen the way I had them planned.   When I was getting ready for the knitting adventure this morning, I looked at my phone and found that the service people were coming to service my embroidery machine and my knitting machine at 9.  That put me in fast action as  it was 8:15 and I needed to tidy up some before they came.  At least knitting wasn’t until 10.    So that is exactly what I did.

Now I have these papers and books that were laying all over in two nice neat boxes and I can actually find them as they are standing up.

Then I went to a new knitting/crocheting group which started this morning and meets once a month.  We started out with 5 of us and ended with 10.   So that is a good start.   The room is small and I think after 15 they may have to move to another room

March Goals

The projects I am planning to work on this month:

    1. Frosty’s alter eg0  (WA state)

    2. Under Construction (Judy)

    3. make enough rose blocks and get quilt to the flimsy state     Linking up to  Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal March Linkup)

    4. McKenna Ryan “It’s Fishy” which will be on going for several months

    5. Learn to digitize some embroidery

    6.  Embroider Dish towels using HIA designs

    7. Make screens to keep hummingbirds from suicide as they  get up into the outside skylights and can’t get out.

    8. Make one pair of socks

    9. Clean out greenhouse

    10. plant seeds for peas and greens

That should keep me out of trouble for the month of March and maybe even April.

Do you have some goals for March?


HAPPY NEW YEAR! a time for scheduling

HAPPY NEW YEARimg_0148sToday I finished scheduling the lists of what I really wanted to get done in 2017.   There are more things, but I knew there were too many to realistically get done.   I settled for a dozen in each category.   Then I spent the rest of the day putting together a kit for each item.

img_0149sThis is 12 pair of socks with the pattern and yarn in each.   The list is under “Construction” at the top

img_0150sThis is the fish quilt and the bear paw, both time consuming and needling many parts.

img_0151sThese boxes hold the other 10 quilts and the 1/2 of the sewing projects.    DH wanted to know how I managed to get 10 quilts in there, but the batting is not in there and that makes the difference.

I did not fair so well on the embroidery projects.  I have two projects with the designs copied onto a jump stick, but I still need to find the fabric I purchased for the one and I need to purchase 3 fat quarters for the other one.

img_0153sOver the past few days, I have been making these chia seed crackers.    So we’ve been enjoying munching these during the day.   Vary the vegetable and the seasonings for fun.

  • 2 cups chia seed
  • 1 large onion
  • 3-4 stalks celery
  • 2 carrots
  • 1/2 red pepper
  • 1/4 cup sundried tomatoes (I used shredded)
  • 3 med garlic cloves
  • 1/2 bunch parsley
  • braggs or soy sauce to taste
  • 1 cup water
  1. Mix all in blender or food processor.   Let set 8-12 hours the optionally you can add 1/2 cup soaked sunflower seeds which I don’t think I’ll add next time.   Spread thinly on the plastic trays or parchment paper in the dehydrator and start checking them after 10 hours.

  2. The original recipe that I took off from was from Lorraine Godsoe in the book Raw Inspiration by Lisa Montgomery.    There are several good cracker/bread type receipes in this ook