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Greenhouse Springtime planting


LOOK!     The banana trees I feared were frozen are returning!  See the little shoots.   I have 4 pots that I replanted last year from the tree I had and they all are sending up new shoots.   Of course without heat in the greenhouse, I’ll not have bananas, but it’s fun anyway.   And yesterday and today I took my knitting out to the greenhouse and sat and knitted a bit.   The weather in there is humid and warm like Hawaii.   So pleasant.

P1000964 seed oplanting

Today was another beautiful day.     We had a lovely walk in the park and worked on planting a few seeds.   A bit difficult to see, but those are seedling trays    I planted lettuce, several varieties of tomatoes, cabbage and will plant more in the next couple days.    I need to plant lots of seeds, because I’m not great at getting seedlings started.

P1000965 picked chard

And just look at all the Swiss chard I picked that is still growing from last year.   I will pick kale tomorrow.