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January “fun”

As soon as the sun comes up on these cold days. I love looking out and seeing this sight.  It is so calming, something I need on these days when I have two close family members in the hospital with bad hearts.


Right now my husband is in the hospital fighting for his life.  His heart is struggling to pump enough to clear his lungs.  We wait for the daily call from his physician, mean while, we pray the Great Physician will heal him.   We do not know the end from the beginning and pray that God will do what is best for him, knowing that if he is not healed, there will be a great reunion in the hereafter.

It seems life is on hold while we wait.  It’s difficult to want to do the things that usually bring pleasure and I’m not fighting it.  Some of you have been where I am now.   Others have it in their future.



One day this week, we had the “fun” of power outage for about 12 hours.  It is wonderful to have a roaring fire to keep warm.   However, our son, was outside cutting the trees that fell across the fence line and the road.  I’m so thankful he enjoys this type of work, as it is so needed. He now has the tree removed and the fence and hot wire back in place. The livestock are once again secured.


Tonight I will  go and work on some fleeces, getting them ready to go to the mill.  Tomorrow is a new day and a new week.  We will be getting a half load of hay and maybe some snow later this week.  I will hope for no surprises this week.  And I pray that you will also have a great week.

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  1. Judith Shaw says:

    Hope your husband will turn the corner soon! I just remembered that you are here in WA also. That was some power outage, wasn’t it? We waited 17 hours for it to come back on and reminded us to be thankful that we have light and heat. Sending hugs!