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Delightful day of rest

The dogs believed there was something to protect us from at 3 AM.   You know what that does to the rest of the night’s sleep.    However we were protected from whatever and so slept in a bit.

We had an invite to our daughters and son-in-laws place for lunch as his parents are here visiting from Florida.    His dad makes an awesome stir fry which we had with the potato salad we brought for lunch.  Then it was time to walk off the meal.   We went to Seward Park on Lake Washington for a good walk and what did we see?     This young one.

P1000969 young eagle

It’s a lovely park with this nice wide, paved road for bikes, skates, walkers, whatever — beside the lake.


And here is a photo – just in case, you’re interested – of Paul Allen’s Helipad boat on Mercer Island in Lake Washington.

P1000973 Paul Allen's Helipad

After this lovely day,  it was back home to feed and water the farm creatures