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Spring chicks, plants, bees

For you who are watching the health series, tonight is #3.



The transplants are now in their new temporary pots. They will again get transplanted when the weather is warm enough.   The peas haven’t come up, so will have to plant those again along with starting more seeds.    Why is it so difficult to plant just the right number of seeds.   If I plant just a few, they don’t come up, if I plants many, it seems most of them come up.


The little Polish caps are really getting cute

P1010120 feathering chick

Can you see how much the babies have grown?    The chicks have feathers now and one of them insists on hopping up to the side of the container and over to the great outside world.   They have been moved to another room  and tomorrow will get screening over the top.

P1010123 3 buckets

They have grown enough I have separated them into 3 containers and soon will have to be 4.    Then they will graduate to the chicken coop to get acquainted with the adults.   Yes, I’ll have to put chicken wire around them to protect them until they get bigger, but I’ll love having them out of the house.

P1010119 beehives

It’s a good thing I take these photos as I go through my day.  Otherwise, by the time I get to the end, I forget where I started.    Today it was with the beehives.   2 of the 3 hives didn’t make it through the winter.    I have talked to other beekeepers and it seems that about 3/4 of the bees this year didn’t make it.   They are blaming it on the poor blackberry crop.   The bees didn’t get enough put away for the winter.   When I opened the two hives, there was no honey left in them and very few dead bees.    So apparently that’s what happened.   I don’t know, maybe when they run out of food, they go searching even though it is too cold.