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Pants for AG doll

Last night I read in Guideposts that “Failure is never a person, it’s only an event”.   As long as we try something, whether it works as planned or not and we learn something from it, we have not failed.   Edison found a lot of ways that a light bulb would not work before he found one that did.    That was my working principle today.


I pulled the tights pattern out of the envelope instead of the pant pattern, without realizing that it contained both.    I then proceeded to embroider the fabric that I cut off my jeans last week.    First side went really well, on the second side, I forgot to reverse the pattern.    No big deal for a doll.

P1010096 Ag pants off doll

I have a several worn pair of jeans here with which to play and try out various ideas.    So I cut out another pair and managed to embroider them upside down – still no big deal, because this pattern looks good upside down as well and it’s for a doll.

P1010095 emb on pants

I finally got them like I want them and now have extra for the dolls I’ll be gifting at Christmas, which means now I need to make some tops to go with these.

P1010097 AG doll pants

And they fit because these are the super stretchy jeans.    I have not sewn up the other pairs yet.    Tomorrow, I’m hoping to get my pants, that this fabric was cut from, embroidered.

I am happy that I persevered and made various mistakes here before I start mine.    I know what mistakes can be made if I get in a hurry and don’t double check.    And on the positive side, I have doll pants made  ahead for Christmas.

Many times things go just as I plan, but other times, I need to remember, that the plan failed, not me.  I shall continue to learn.