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Never bored

A friend came over today took all the bunnies to a new home.   I’ll miss them, but there are many things here to keep me from being bored.   One of those things is all the wool they left behind.    And all the wool from the other animals.   There will be more in two weeks as it will be shearing time again.   Beau here is looking pretty, but he left behind a shopping bag of wool to be spun.  And he may yet give me another bag.   His coat was heavy this winter.



The Geek Squad are definitely my friends.   I have a contract with them to fix anything that happens to any of my computer equipment.    And I love that they can do it remotely!    This evening they “fixed” my printer and computer so now I can upload photos again – Yeah!


P1010051 mossy rocks straight down

P1010052 river

So here are the photos from the walk yesterday.  Although it is difficult to tell these rocks were nearly straight down to the river.   Steep and I’ll bet slippery, but I love the colors.  Wouldn’t they would make a wonderful quilt.   And in case you are still in a part of the country where spring hasn’t sprung, here is for you

P1010054 trees in bloom at park

And for those of you who are wondering – yes I’m still doing the 12,000 steps a day, with some days being easier than others.   Must go finish today’s steps