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Sunday March 2 Gardening

Rain, rain, rain, and more rain.   But I’d rather it than freezing cold and/or snow.  And since we have a greenhouse, I spent part of the day in it listening to the rain on the plastic as I finished cleaning the beds (The aisles are  nearly done, but will take another hour or so)

P1000916b banana tree dead

In December we had very windy freezing weather and the ends blew out of the greenhouse because they originally weren’t put on correctly.   My banana trees froze.   This is one of them.    Do you know if they will revive?

P1000915 more celery

This celery is coming back from stalks we already cut and used last summer.



P1000906 kale

There are still a number of greens growing.   However it seems nothing kills Swiss chard, so a good bit of it went out and will be replaced with other vegetables.

P1000907  what

I don’t know what this is, except it is some type of food.   I had someone help plant last year and it has no label.   It is growing great.   Do you recognize it?

P1000909 what

or this one?