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Repositioned geese

One goose in particular would like to bite and stay attached to anyone entering his domain – meaning the back yard.   Apparently this is why.

P1000942 goose eggs

P1000943 goose eggs closer

Buy why did she/they put them down the fence line and then move over to the garden to start a new nest?    We absolutely cannot co-exist while she sets on the nest for a month.   So if we are to have a garden this year,  they must move.

P1000946 resettled eggs

They were moved and the eggs with them to the area where the bunnies lived this past winter.   There is a very shady side (where I put the straw and eggs) and the sunnier side.   It is a U shape and I’m guessing they will build a new nest on the sunny side.   But if she gives up that’s okay with me as well.   The main thing now is that we are once again safe and really they are safely enclosed as well.

P1000947 geese