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Tomato transplants and a walk

DH and I did our walk in a different park today.   The scenery is lovely and there are some small waterfalls along the way.  It used to belong to the railroad, but now is converted to a walking and bike trail.

P1010112 Renton park

P1010111 renton park

After walking,  Starbucks called our name and we met two daughters and 2 grandsons there. This is the middle daughter, Jen, with her two sons, Spencer on the left and Bret.  Both boys were happy to get a chance to pose for this blog.

P1010113 keilin boysjen

Then back home to work on the yard and in the greenhouse.    By the way spring really is here, the yellow jackets are back.  They are a sure indication.

P1010082 wasp ion house

The tomato seeds that I started two weeks ago are up now and needed transplanting.   I transplanted 5 different kind into small pots which will be shared.   I really appreciate being able to work inside a greenhouse where the wind and rain don’t reach.

 P1010116 tomato starts

Tomorrow, I will move the volunteer tomatoes.   I had thought there weren’t any, but this week they surprised me.

P1010114 tomato volunteers

I don’t know what type they are as I had several types planted in this area, but they are NOT the tiny ones that volunteered and we transplanted last year.  And because of location I know they are not Romas.   So they will be a surprise when they have tomatoes.  They could possibly be purples, which would be wonderful.