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Sew fun and applique

Today was sew fun day.  Most of the projects didn’t appeal to me,   But I did come home with a Clover Press Perfect – a take and press mat that I can use to steam my sweaters etc. on when knitting as I can pin into it.

P1000989 Clover take and Press Mat (knit block)

P1000990 clover mat

And I needed another gallon of Mary Ellen’s Best Press which is absolutely the best thing I have found for ironing and pressing.   It is a starch alternative.   It does come in smaller bottles, but with the quilting, I use a fair amount of it.

P1000991 best {ress

This afternoon I spent more time on the stocking cap blocks for the BOM which are appliqued.   To do this, I first traced the pattern on freezer paper and cut that out.

P1000992 using freezer paper

I ironed the shinny side to the front side of the fabric and trimmed the fabric to roughly 1/4″ larger than the pattern.   The pattern can be used several times.


Next I clipped the curves and corners.

P1000995 spot with glue and press

P1000999 glue spot

With the piece turned over so the pattern is now on the bottom, and I am looking at the back side of the fabric,  I used small dots of washable glue to the seam allowance – a bit at a time -turned it under and pressed.     This held it until I could sew it and will wash out.

(Use a washable glue with a small spout, both Aileen’s and Roxanne’s work well.)


P1010002 small tip

P1010003 Roxanne's tacky

I then turned it over and checked to make sure it fit the pattern okay.   It received a final press and was taken to the machine – to be continued tomorrow.

P1000997 all pressed