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Beautiful and sunny

The day was lovely and the daffodils have started to open.   I love their sunny color.

 P1000935 first daffodils

I started my day by dropping my cell phone in water.   We dried it as much as we could and it still doesn’t want to work.  However, there were appointments so we spent a lot of the day going from place to place.  First DH had a Dr. appointment, then we went to get some sunchokes to plant (also called Jerusalem artichokes)

They are in the sunflower family and have a smaller flower.  “They look like small, knobbly  potatoes  but crunchier, sweeter and do have a slight taste of artichoke. They practically contain no starch, but plenty of inulin (not insulin), which becomes fructose when spuds are stored in the ground or refrigerated.  The humble sunchoke  is considered gourmet fare by many.  Raw, it’s an excellent substitute for water chestnuts in hot and spicy stir fries, or cooked in cream soups, broiled with sweet potatoes, or simply scrubbed and baked..” from  http://www.localharvest.org/sunchokes.jsp   I want to plant some because I have read they are great winter animal feed as well as being nutritious for humans.   And it is the end of planting season for them.   (I shall try to remember to get a photo tomorrow for you).

We stopped and picked up the animal clippers so bunnies can be clipped again, and made a visit to Panera Bread.   Then off to the phone company to get help with the phone. which ended up with me having a new phone.

P1000936 turned the heel

While the car was running, the knitting needles were also busy.    I have turned the heel and am now working on the foot of the sock.