Daily Archives: March 6, 2014





Just look at these flowers, so ready to burst with color.   Spring must be very close.   And the weeds are growing once again, another sign.

P1000932 daf ready to bloom

We have had more rain than I can remember at once.   It has created a new pond.

P1000934 nw lake

In addition, though I can’t show you, we’ve been keeping our bedroom window open at night to hear the marvelous tree frog chorus.   Interestingly, they stop instantly at the slightest sound or maybe movement.  Though they are mostly down around the pond, they hear us open the window and everything stops.    At other times, there much be an animal of some type go through there because again, they all stop as though they have  a director.

I don’t know what is making these holes, but they have just showed up.   Is it toads, mice, what?   They have underground tunnels.  They don’t seem to be disturbing anything.   I noticed them this morning when I went out to put the slug bait down.  And I did get the preplant fertilizer on as well.   So maybe, hopefully, I will start some seeds, Sunday.

P1000931 holes in ghouse