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Garden day

It was a beautiful morning, which started out chilly,  so we started in the greenhouse, and this is what I found.

P1010031 can you find me

Did you find him?


P1010035 toadP1010032 a bit more visableP1010038 up close and personal 

Here are closer photos.  He really is tiny, only about 1 1/2″ long

P1010034 or thisP1010033 is this my home

Do you think he is responsible for these holes and tunnels under the beds?

Wednesday, I purchased some starter plants and  planted today (Purchased because I didn’t start soon enough and wanted some greens to eat)

P1010040 new starts

P1010041 names

P1010039 celery etc

Here you see this side nearly all planted.   The celery is from last year when we cut off the celery, but left the root.  The new plants are at the end of the celery row.

P1010043 still from last year

These plants in the center are hold overs from last year as well.  Is it possible to kill Swiss chard?  This plant produced all winter long and the chickens have enjoyed a lot of it.   I was thinking of just pulling the rest out, but I may transplant it to near their yard so they can continue to munch on it.   They may actually overeat it and it will give up.


P1010044 last years kale still going

This is mostly an overall view of the greenhouse with most of the kale to my left and the celery and new plants are what you see to the right.


P1010045 kale

And the kale is still going strong, though I will start new plants this year.


P1010047 parsley

This is one of the mystery plants, but I am now thinking it is a type of parsley.


P1010046 ah herb

P1010049 herb again

Here is the other mystery plant.  I believe it to be some type of herb.   I’m showing it with the leaves where it is starting to flower as well.


In addition we planted about 4 feet of sugar pea pods in the outside garden and will replant in about 2 weeks to make the harvest longer (and in case they don’t come up)   Sometimes our peas get flooded out.   Being an optimist, I’m hoping for better this year.

And we planted some sweet peas for a bit of color.   I remember my father’s mother and my mother always had sweet peas among other flowers in their gardens.  Next I want to get some red potatoes going.

Are you putting in a garden and if so, what are you planting this year?  Yes add answer in the comments,  I’d love to know.