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First Little lambs

Tuesday morning Estelle had a surprise waiting in the barn.   These little lambs are about two hours old at the time of this photo.   They (ram lamb and ewe lamb) are still a bit damp and just learning where mom keeps the food.






I spent a fair amount of the week canning another 21 quarts of potatoes and 60 pints of various type of dry beans.   That makes it fast and easy to make a meal for one.  And it helps heat the house to do this type of canning in the winter when the cold comes.

Then I organized the yarns that  I had spun that are for sale.


And the cold has started.  It is now below freezing and last night we got a smattering of snow.  It is supposed to increase throughout tonight and we may wake up to 1-3″ of snow.  But Monday the rains will be back so it will quickly melt.  In this region, we aren’t used to these cold temperatures, so it’s nice it doesn’t stay cold a long time.  February is usually our harshest weather.



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Life ends and begins again

2 month old Will, named for this grandpa, arrived by plane and this photo was taken a few hours before the end of my husbands earthly chapter.  We were blessed that each family member had some time with their dad the last day.  His mind was clear, but his heart just wasn’t strong enough to carry on.  The good news is we WILL meet again.   I am looking forward to that chapter of our lives.

I have been keeping very busy, using what energy I have.  There is so much to take care of: paper work, finances, and cleaning things out.   Each of the children was able to take some memories that are important to them.  The clothes have gone to meet other peoples needs.




When Bill retired, he decided to try some of the hobbies I enjoy. This is the only pair of socks he ever made. They will go to his namesake.   Before he broke his arm in March, Bill  made some of these Aunt Matilda slippers.  I just finished sewing them up. They still need little pompoms.  Crochet was much easier for him; so there are a number of these infant caps.  I will take them to the hospital.


Today I canned 21 quarts of potatoes.  The winter has been so mild, they are already sprouting.  I use the french fry cutter and when ready to use them, they are so easy to heat up for mashed potatoes or for soup.  Another way I like to use them is to add seasoning and blend them with a cooked carrot (for color) and use them as a gravy for my baked potato – no added calories.

Next on my list is to start working on taxes and try to put some fun activities in my week.