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Sweatshirt #2

I used the new 1 1/2″ Prairie Point Ruler that I purchased at the Sew Expo last Thursday on this jacket.

P1000919 Prairie point ruler

 I LOVE it for the time-saving device that it is.   The points are all lined up equally without having to measure each of them.

P1000921 prairie points

I first removed the ribbing and put it aside (one never knows when this will come in handy for another project.)

P1000922 removing bands

P1000923 saved ribbing

After that,  I sewed on the prairie points and then the grosgrain ribbon for the front.


P1000925 nearly finished #2

So now I’m deciding on whether I want to use these pockets or not.   And these buttons are in my collection.   I love the horse buttons and think they are perfect, but there are only two of them.   So shall I use one of the other buttons tacked here for you to see, or is it time to go shopping and try finding some different buttons?