Swirl E aka Popsicle socks

img_0135sI really pushed for time to work on these “popsicle socks” as I wanted to get them done by the end of the month.   And you know how soon that is and how much we always want to get done before  a holiday.  It would be  wonderful to go into the new year with a clean house and meals all planned for the month and more projects finished, but I will be happy if these socks get completed.   I just have the toe to finish, so it is possible.

Tomorrow the plan is for the fellow to come help me put up the fence.  And hopefully the grandchildren will be here one day before the end of the year.  With them in school, it is a bit more complicated to see them during the school year.

Report on the juice fast which only lasted 10 days – we just dropped out at that point.   However, I feel better than I have since before the ankle surgery last Christmas and DH found his sinuses cleared up.   So we felt it was worth doing.  Now we are trying to eat as much of our food raw as we can.

3 Responses

  1. Ramona says:

    Oh I love your socks! They are so bright and happy. Happy New Year!

  2. Dar in MO says:

    Those socks really ROCK!! Love them! I’m curious about what you drank that helped your DH’s sinuses.

  3. jatshaw says:

    Love these! Did you wake up to snow today, too? Happy New Year!