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Sweetpea Pods for gifts

img_0007sLazy Girl’s Sweetpea Pods are fun and make up quickly.   They are marvelous for small items that you would like to keep together and not lose.  If it was holding liquid, I would estimate about 1.5 cups.  It measures about 3 x 6″.   The first one took a bit more time to make.   The  zipper trick was knew to me, and was a bit fiddly the first time, but once you do one, it becomes easy.   The directions are VERY clear.

img_0003sOne needs only a 10″ square of fabric, another of lining, and another of batting to make two of these.   One zipper with two pulls is also needed.   So you can really make these little cuties with scraps.

img_0006sHere is my first one.   They will make perfect little gifts.   I want to look around for some fun zipper pulls to attach.    I highly recommend you make some of these for yourself and for gifts.  The patterns are available at quilt shops as well as on line.

JUST for fun:

img_0001sBig red, medium red, and little red cars were parked in front of us at the grocery store.  It amused me.   It doesn’t take much, does it?

I want to thank each of you who sent suggestions in the medical field.   We have an appointment in a couple weeks and are lining up questions to pursue.

We wish you a wonderful weekend.