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Boxes hiding – box 3 and 4 contents

Spidron table topper, cut out.img_0042z

  1. Fabrics and patterns from Shop Hop 2004.

  2. Advent calendar of houses – fabric and pattern.img_0043s

  3. Blue flannel binding – not sure for what.img_0044w

  4. Bag full of 1/2 square triangles sewn

  5. Heart potholder with one started

  6. Hedgehog placemats – book and fabric

  7. Owl sampler pattern started – one owl done.img_0049

  8. Churn dash with pieces cut, but needs centersimg_0050

  9. Tulip quilt with one block done plus pattern img_0051

  10. More quilt leftovers saving because they are leftover pieces from last years birthday quilts and who knows when a patch will be needed.

  11. Started black clutch – 1/2 done, but done in a fake leather which was flaking off so tossed that one.

  12. Tiny Sanibel beach picture/kit that I purchased when we were there.img_0032s

  13. Unfinished sweatshirt/jacket that I really could use.img_0045a

  14. Poinsettia embroidery – a class –  maybe next year.img_0058

  15. Couch fabric leftovers – why am I keeping these.  The couch has been recovered.img_0054

  16. Stocking pattern, wanted to make some of these – maybe next yearimg_0059

  17. Margaret Moorehead projects  – I think 2 still to do.img_0057

  18. What are these supposed to be?

img_0052I think this is enough, I’m not looking into any more boxes.    I know others have boxes like this, so I’m not alone, but this is ridiculous!   I’m making a list with photos of what is in these boxes so that they will get done or discarded.