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Small things take big time


img_0143sToday was a good day to get small stuff done that I keep putting off.  I had 10 things on my list and all but one is completed.

These are the sun chokes also known as Jerusalem artichokes that I have had on my list for a month to check.  They are best dug after a good frost or two.   I planted them in large pots as I was warned they could take over.  It is difficult to get all the little pieces out.   So today I dug through one of the pots and brought in a large bowl of them, scrubbed them well and then sliced them to add to our salad.   They are a high protein, high potassium food with a taste somewhere between raw potatoes and water chestnuts.

Then I checked on the water chestnuts and they are too small.   Next year, I’ll have to find a larger tub to plant them in.   They are only the size of a dime and I’d like them bigger.

I put more salt out for the sheep and brought more hay down from the barn.

I reconciled our bank accounts and filed receipts.

I have my lists made that I want to get done in the coming year.  A list for each:   sewing, quilting, knitting, embroidery and there are things that aren’t on those lists because I just have too many things to be able to do in one year.   So I just put the things on the list I think I can get done.  They are under the heading 2017 Construction goals (at the top)


Then I weeded the front, which now looks rather bare and needs some nice summer color spots.

I watered the greenhouse and by the time one adds making a couple meals and sweeping the floors into the day, it – the day- is basically gone.  So though it seems I didn’t get anything done, I was busy all day.   So that must be what happens to other days when I come to the end and wonder where they went.   They went to “small” things that need doing.


Wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR.



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Popsicle socks #1 finished


This is a Prairie Girl design called Swirl-E.  It has both a written pattern and a chart for those who prefer charts.  These were easy socks to make.   The thing that took the longest was finding the time this month to sit down and do them.   I’m really happy with them, but not with the yarn from Knit Picks   It had 2 breaks where they knotted the yarn and there were places where one color did not take all the way through.   Tomorrow, I will send them the photos and see how they want to deal with it.   They are usually a very accommodating company.