Daily Archives: December 6, 2016




Hono quilt?



This “Hono”, meaning turtle, quilt was started many years ago, after a Hawaiian trip.   I purchased the kit there, came home and made it up right away.   Because I didn’t know much about the actual quilting at that time, I sewed all those little stuffed turtles on, then had to take them all back off again so it could be quilted.   So it has hung for all this time waiting and waiting.    “Hono” needs to be done and hung so we can enjoy it and remember the fantastic times we had in Hawaii.   So I put it on the quilting machine, but didn’t like the quilting, then picked the quilting back out.   It is now quilted with a pattern I can live with, and the little turtles have been sewn back on.   It still needs a binding, label, hanging sleeve and little bead eyes for the turtle.   It has taken several years to get this far, but it is closer to being done than it was a month ago.    This is one of those projects that “done is better than perfect”

The list (I really should have hibernated) isn’t finished yet.   Today the (5) electric entrance gate is not functioning.   And the (6) GeekSquad has had control of my computer for the last 4 hours as the printer wasn’t working and since they started a defrag, it could be the rest of tonight.   Maybe this is a new game of “12 days of Christmas”.   If so, we’re halfway through the list.  So shall I get up tomorrow or hibernate?