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Baby Honu is almost finished


Baby Honu is finished and ready to hang! – well almost, as it still needs beaded eyes and to be washed.   This pattern is by Lisa Boyer, who gave me just a bit of a push yesterday, saying she hoped I’d  finish it – no pressure.   I purchased it as a kit on Kauai when we were there one rainy day, as it was really difficult to drive by the quilt store and not go in, especially when they have a “husband bench” out front.  


I used a very simple pattern to quilt this as I wanted the turtles to shine and also, I had a hard time quilting what looked like waves.



There is now a hanging sleeve and a label on the back.   I did not know Lisa reads my blog and was as surprised to hear from her yesterday as she was to see this quilt on the blog.   She has graciously allowed me to show you her quilts that she made while making the pattern.  Thank you, Lisa.   And of course now, I must make a table runner as that is also very cute.  She said she made a baby blanket of which she doesn’t have a photo.  These are just such cute turtles!  Please go look at her site and see other cute patterns (www.lisaboyer.com)