Daily Archives: December 5, 2016




“Hang on tightly for a wild ride”week

img_0012This week was one to “hang on tightly for a wild ride”  and try to enjoy the ride as the disasters happened.

  1. A shattered cell phone

  2. A broken cooktop

  3. A computer not working

  4. 2 now defunct microwaves

I’m hoping we are at the end of this ride.    The phone has been replaced for a very small fee, courtesy of Apple.    A new cooktop sits here in the entry way awaiting the installer.  The first microwave died after many good years of use.   We went to use it and it was too tired to move.  So we brought in the other one which was given to us several years ago and had seen little use.  It worked for 2 days.  After an on-line search yesterday, I found one to purchase at Amazon – yes it did cost $13.00 more than if I went out and picked one up.  However, it was snowing in the morning and they delivered it in about 6 hours to the front door.   We were willing to pay for that convenience.   And so far it works wonderfully.

The computer was quite another story.   I spent Saturday night and most of yesterday, until midnight, working with the Geeksquad on-line to get it back up and running.  We don’t know why it misbehaved, but after all that time, and 3 different “geeks” on their end, it is up and working again sans my email list of addresses.  Their advice is to get a different email program before it happens again as it has been happened to others as well.

God has blessed us that we are not usually big spenders, grow much of our own food, and only buy necessary clothes, so we had the savings to handle these issues.


   Look at this blessing that opened out of season.   There is only one stem, but unexpected and we are enjoying it

Today, we went to exercise, bought grain for the sheep, and took a nap.   Maybe tomorrow, we can get back on track.   It’s time again to clean surfaces that attract “stuff”