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Mixed up and busy day

It’s been a busy day.  We started out with going to the gym, only this time it was a bit different.  He went out the front door and I went out the back door.   Because my car was not in the garage, but up on the flat in case it snowed, we didn’t see each other start our respective cars, so each was waiting for the other to come out and get in.   We finally connected with our phones.

After the gym, we went to get the apples and almonds, which is at least a 2 hour round trip, then stopped at the grocery for a bit more salad greens.  So it was 2 pm by the time we got home.

After that it was hurry and clean the house for Sabbath.   I guess that’s what I get for playing  sewing for two days.   But I do like the house respectfully clean for the weekend.  I won’t wish for the longer days of summer because life is going by at a rapid race without wishing it to hurry.  I hope each of you has a wonderful and safe weekend.

Shabbat Shalom