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Double star duo finished top


After spending some of each of the last 3 days on this Double Star Duo paper pieced top, it is ready to go to a hangar until its turn.


Getting to this point was fairly easy, if time consuming, it was tearing off all the paper that took me so long.   And then I found the red runs bleeds.   So I tried washing some of the left over pieces and eventually the red does quit bleeding.   I will finish this and wash it with a color catcher which should handle the problem.  I chose these colors years ago, so am not sure why I chose to put those white squares in there or why I didn’t choose to make each star different.  But this is what it is, and it will be cute for an infant.  AND it is close to leaving the ufo pile.

There are left over pieces of the tissue with the pattern printed on them.   If one of you would like to make this little quilt, I’ll gladly share the pattern.   Just let me know.