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Productive day in the studio

img_0119This photo is to show you how many pieces there are in this 32″ square wall quilt.   The  inside star area should measure about 24″ square before the borders.   Little Bits “Double star Duo is a paper pieced pattern by Cindi Edgerton with a print date of 2003 on the instructions.   So that may be how long it has been floating around here.   It is possible I purchased this to learn paper piecing.   Truly, I don’t remember even having it until I found it in the box last week.



img_0124I had started cutting a few of the pieces out before it became a ufo and today finished cutting the ones for these sections.  I saved the section with the most pieces for next sewing episode because I wanted to see some progress.   So next time, I’ll cut the pieces for that and sew them together.   It would be lovely to finish the top and get it to a hanger to wait for the quilting machine repair.



These are the tissue patterns for these pieces.   The one on the left I still have to cut and sew.   I would not even want to attempt these tiny pieces without these patterns, however with the tissue patterns, it has been a fun and easy project.  I’ll make the borders big enough this will be a nice 36″ baby quilt.     It has been a good, productive day in the sewing room.