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Double star duo plus Christmas

img_0119sThis ufo has seen some activity this week.  I worked on it a bit Christmas and then again today.   So far these pieces are done



img_0130sWith as many pieces as it has, I was happy to get this far.



Then since DH wasn’t up to going to the party yesterday, surprise!  the party came to us.  There were 5 of them who came bearing  gifts and a party atmosphere.    We enjoyed this unexpected treat.   Above is an essential oil diffuser that changes colors and lasts 8 hours.   We will use this quite a bit as we have several oils.  There were a variety of other gifts (that didn’t fit in the same photo)

img_0132sNot pictured: DH got 2 cribbage boards, a tiny one for travel and one for home.  So we had to stop there and try them out.  (much fun)   Plus he received books and other items.  In this photo the center pieces is a plate from Israel, on the right is a pair of massive rubber gloves to protect one when using the fireplace or oven (how did they know).  In the back are some plates for hors d’oeuvers.  The orange pieces in the back are fingerless mitts made from recycled sweaters.   In the forefront left is a cute little purse and behind it a DNA test form telling us the kit is coming.  The blue Doxie is actually a cute little pen.    All items were totally unexpected and appreciated.    Now it is on to preparing for the New Year which is so close.  I need to finish my planning calendar so I can get more done.