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The blocks quilt, a promise kept

img_0062I promised this little blocks quilt last night, that today was its finishing day  I kept my promise and it is finished including the hanging sleeve on the back.  I think it will get to hang either in the living room until I make something else I want to hang there.

img_0027sDH and I have been reading and watching videos that were recommended to us for his symptoms.   We decided to try the juice fasting program for 21 days first to see if we would get any results (we are both doing it).   This was our third day and so far, other than less thinking about what to fix, I haven’t noticed any difference.  But that really isn’t very long, so we will keep at it.   But the carrots in the garden are going at a fast rate.  I may have to buy some for the last week and I had a LOT of carrots in the garden.  I used a quarter of the pumpkin in the morning drink as well.   Who would have thought to eat raw pumpkin other than the sheep.   I will keep you informed if this makes us feel any different.