Daily Archives: December 18, 2016




Honu quilt is hanging!


The Honu quilt is now hanging in the family room!   Yes.  it is up on the wall.   I sewed eyes on the turtles and it really made a huge difference in how cute it is.   I thought it cute before, but this is even better.   Thanks Lisa, for insisting on the eyes.img_0103a

Then I opened the little quilt package from Sanibel beach that I found in one of the boxes.    I’m not sure what happened.  It is supposed to become 7 x 8, but when following their directions it is 10 x 12″ which is fine by me.

img_0113aThis technique is interesting because they want you to bunch, pleat, whatever to get the white fabric to look like sand, very uneven, with bumps etc.   Now I get to hand sew all the little fish, shells and whatever else is in the package.   Oh, yes and sew the binding to the back.

It’s been a busy day, catching up on animal chores, trying to find homes for various items around here that somehow show up.  And we spent some time figuring out how to put the new attachments on the quilting machine.   I’ve had the attachments for 3 months, but until today, did not take the time to read through the instructions.   And the new pieces were not that easy to attach.

Remember last week when I said I made a list of every project in the boxes and had photos to go with so I could immediately know what is in them?  Well, that was last week, and when I finish this, I’ll go hunting, because I do not know to where those papers ran.