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Big white trouble with 4 feet

img_0082After the gym this morning, I went across the street for a few more fresh vegetables and some oranges.   This stand was new.   There must be a lot of people who really like it to take this much floor space.  img_0088fBIG WHITE TROUBLE with 4 feet.

Upon getting home, as I came through the gate, Lacey, the one in the rear, darted through it.  Beau had already made his escape.   She dug under the fence, into the garden and out.  Since they were both in the pasture together when I left and DH was  home, I left the gate open until I got back.   Big mistake.   We spent about an hour finding them and convincing them to come home.    It is so much fun to roam the neighborhood and see if any of the neighbors are outside and would give a cookie.   They didn’t realize that neighbors are not out at 11AM in the freezing weather with cookies.  Beau wears a GPS just for these special occasions.   It undoubtedly means the difference between life and death for him as we can find him before he gets to a main road.

img_0095sWe no sooner had them back in the pasture when the serviceman came to install this nice new cooktop.   It is so nice and new, I don’t even want to mess it up by using it.



There wasn’t much sewing time, so I pulled out these lovely pillowcases Mother made and had put away in a  place where she kept things special to her.   It’s too bad she didn’t use them.  I am using some and passing the others on to my children with special instructions to use them and remember their grandmother.   We save many “special to us” things and why?   They won’t be as special to anyone else.    If you are one of the savers, please get your items into your everyday life and enjoy them.    Life does come to an end and no one will enjoy them like you will.