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Boxes hiding in plain sight

img_0028sThese are the boxes hiding in plain sight – right under the serger table and there is also one under the sewing machine table.  I put projects that I’m going to do in the immediate future in these boxes.   The only problem is they don’t get looked through, hence, the project doesn’t get finished.

Box 1 contained

  1. This valentine heart that I was going to make for my mil, but she didn’t live long enough.img_0030s

  2. Seattle streets quilt started, but not much is done.img_0031s

  3. A dressy shirt with net sleeves.   That won’t happen anytime soon, and wasn’t started, nor was fabric pulled for it.  So I put the magazine back on the book shelf.

  4. A bag with several tiny quilt patterns which go together and make one larger piece.   Fabric and patterns are there.img_0035simg_0039s


5.   32″ square “double stars duo quilt which appears cut out.


6.  Fabric and pattern for a Lone star quiltimg_0040ss

  1. 7. Extra fabric and pattern for a small wall hanging “Baby Honu”img_0041x


Box 2

This box contained Ziplocs of fabric scraps from quilts made and mostly donated, so no need to keep them separate.  They went into the scrap box which is also overflowing and needs attention. There was one Ziploc I kept separate because I don’t understand how it came to be.  There are many green triangles cut out – obviously for something.   So that box has been eliminated.  I’m saving Box 3 for tomorrow.