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40 year old MOLA

img_0081dThis Mola was gifted to me by an exchange student from Bogota, Columbia more than 40 years ago.   I think because I was unsure what to do –  pillow, hanging or question, I did nothing with it.  Also back then, the green was not a popular color and difficult to match.    How things have changed.   I had this fluffy trim in my studio which goes with it beautifully.  It is 5″ wide so was tricky to put on.  I doubled it and taped it down a bit so that I could sew it.   The Mola part finished at 12 x 17.  With fringe it is 17 x 22.  The little travel pillows JoAnn’s has are 12 x 16, so I inserted one of those.

img_0080The back has an envelope opening.

img_0075sWe also had to include a trip to the vet this morning.   Lacey has been limping for a week, so we thought we should have it checked out.   These two cuties were just leaving.    The vet didn’t find anything wrong, so updated her shots and we came home.

At this point, my song is “Oh, what fun it is to live on a farm today” which I swiped from Jingle Bells.     No photos as we were too busy sorting everything out.   Our swinging property gate is not moving by itself, so we have to get out, open, drive through, get out, close, etc.   DH thought since all the animals were in pastures we could just leave it open while gone.    I  wasn’t convinced that Beau wouldn’t try to get out since we had Lacey with us, so I closed it.   Driving up to the gate, Beau met us, which meant that had I not closed the gate, he could have been miles away.    Driving further, I notice the 8 younger sheep are not in the right place, in fact they are in with a breeding sheep group.   After a good half hour, everyone was back where they belonged, but I’m afraid with what I saw, that we might have a very young mother in 5 months.  One or more of these animals tested a fence that was shut with baling twine, that was well rotted and kindly let the others out.

To add more fun, a neighbor sent an email saying she saw a cougar in another neighbor’s pasture yesterday.   Life can be fun when you are never sure what to expect.