Daily Archives: December 1, 2016




New phone, new cooktop, woes

New Phone:  There are no photos because yesterday, my screen on the phone shattered.   Today we went to the Apple store and asked them to both repair the screen and replace the battery.    When they tried to take the battery out, it broke a tab and when that happens, they give you a new phone (after you pay for the new battery).   But,  I was not charged for the screen repair.   This whole session with Apple took several hours because one has to wait in line to get an appointment, then wait for the repairs etc.  So we got there about 11 and left at 3.    However, my computer does not recognize this new phone though it looks like the last one and is plugged in the same cord, so tomorrow, I get to call the company and ask for help.  Just remember though- – without modern conveniences, we would not have these issues.   So I’ll take the issues.

New Cooktop:  The cooktop is also glass and has had a corner broken for about 2 years, but it was no big deal – until now when the crack decided to go from the front through the left side burners to the back.   So while we were out, we picked up a new cooktop as well.  It is still in the car and hopefully the service will happen tomorrow.  I enjoy having a nice indoor cooking stove as opposed to a campfire situation.  So again, it is a blessing that I have this issue.

Yesterday before the woes started, I spent most of the day entering data from our checkbooks, credit card bills, etc. into the new version of Quicken that I purchased on Monday.   DH has been paying the bills and our bookkeeping methods are very different.  It appears it will soon all be my job once again and I need to have it  organized to get the bills paid on time.

Now if you are still with me, I have a personal question that I hope one of you will be able to help with.   We have been to two different neurologists who both say that DH does not have Parkinson’s.   However, the signs are there, the shuffle, the slowness, the body and mind not working together, the handwriting getting more difficult to read, the mind feeling like in a fog.  Do you know of a disease that mimics Parkinson’s that this could be?   The doctors did not have a suggestion.  I’m fairly sure it is a type of autoimmune disease, and we do have an appointment for an alternative doctor later this month.   Meanwhile, I thought I’d ask if any of you have seen this type of disease and if so, what helped.