Garden and shopping

IMG_4842 I laid this fleece preparing to skirt it (take all the junk off it) when I realized, I need help determining how much to remove.   It seems a bit matted to me.   So I will wait until I find someone more knowledgeable to help me.   There are three of these fleeces.  By that time, I should have learned how to skirt them.


And the sewing I thought I would get to do today, didn’t happen because we needed potatoes.  This is a 44′ row and I had dug  just about half of it two weeks ago, but we ate all those potatoes and needed more.   So I removed these red, white, and blue potatoes.  Interestingly, I found the red potatoes to be the most prolific and robust.


Then we planted these bell peppers which were waiting for a spot in the hoop house.   There is a double row of them.   I hope they grow  fast because it is already the first of July and I am late getting them a home.

IMG_4845This is where the tomatoes have gone.   I’m going to have to coax them back down.   There are tons of blossoms, some fruits, but no color yet.  And today the sweet potatoes opened their first blossoms.

Then we needed to go shopping for a garden hose.  Our back garden is on 3 levels and to make it easier to water, I want to leave a hose on each level and a lightweight hose to drag up and down the steps which we can then connect to the hose that goes down the row we want to water.  (DH had trouble understanding that as well)

A trip to the feed store and a quick in and out at the grocery completed out day.  I love going into the produce section and  seeing all that food, thinking that I don’t need to buy any of it – well except for bananas and avocados.   And I did need vinegar for cleaning.   I have found vinegar and baking soda does a great job on toilets and vinegar cleans most everything else.

And that was the day, I was going to have just for sewing.   But guess what, Mary is scheduled to come on Sunday and that will be a fun treat, though we haven’t decided on a project.

But for the next 24 hours, I’m entertaining Heavenly guests and listening to what they have to teach.  Happy Sabbath and have a great weekend.


4 Responses

  1. Sally Walter says:

    I am a huge fan of white vinegar and baking soda for cleaning, also. It does a great job on my stainless steal sinks. Shabbat shalom!

    • sharon says:

      Why didn’t I learn how much cheaper and cleaner this was when we first set up housekeeping?

      • Sally Walter says:

        Those ads on TV and in magazines like Good Housekeeping made new products too tempting. Thankfully, we now know the dangers of the chemicals lurking in those colorful plastic containers and that a shelf full of specialty products is wasteful.

        • sharon says:

          Yes, however, our mother’s really thought those products would make their work easier and passed the “knowledge” to us. Much the same thing happened with gardening and with storing foods for the winter. We didn’t grow up gardening because it was easier to go to the store for canned goods and now our children don’t even bother to have extra on hand. So when they run out, it’s off to the store.