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Garden update


IMG_4868Greek Marjoram



Basil   Both the Marjoram and basil are drying for winter use.


For lunch today, we had Gallo Pinto, a dish we discovered in Costa Rica and really enjoyed.   Though the name means “spotted rooster”, it is made with black beans and rice.

IMG_4870First, I went out to the back hillside garden to pick some of these lovely onions.  I sautéed a large one, then added 2 cups of black beans and 2-3 cups of cooked rice  I seasoned it with about 2 ounces of the above shown Costa Rican salsa (which we found on Amazon) and some salt.  Once the onions are sautéed, the dish only needs to be heated throughout.


After serving, each adds his own amount of tomato salsa.  It’s very filling and a meal we really enjoy.  It is served in Costa Rico 3 times a day.


A few photos of the greenhouse today.   Down the middle aisle, you can see the sweet potatoes on the front right with the tall plants down from them being tomatoes.   Zucchini is on the left and is not doing anything.  So next year, it won’t be planted there.  The personal size cantaloupe are growing right in front of the zucchini.  They are being trained up


This is the other side of the tomatoes.   Red cabbage in front and green in the back are both doing very good.   I just replanted lettuce and ??? in the bare spot.   I should write down what I plant because as soon as I walk away, I forget until it comes up.  I think it might be carrots.


Ah look, a few tomatoes are starting to get a bit of color

IMG_4878This photo is taken from the other end so you can see the bell peppers.  The new lettuce on the right is starting to come up and maybe some beets.   On the right at the other end is cauliflower which may or may not get heads.  It is rather slow.  And so grows what is in the hoop house.