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RAIN and shelves


Rain!   I got up to a good steady rain this morning, which went on for at least 2 hours after I got up.   I don’t know when it started, but oh, the ground was so happy.  And I took advantage to repair these units.    They came with fiberboard shelves which worked for a few years, but were bending under the stress of gallon jars of beans and grains. I replaced them with plywood boards I had cut at Lowe’s.   When I knew it was going to work, I went back for another 4.   But I came home empty handed when they said their saw was broken.  I’ll try again next week.    We eat a lot of beans and grains.  This also means that if things get bad for any reason, we will eat as I buy these products in 20# bags.   That is why the storage is important.


When the sun came out, it was time to gather all the items that have become garbage.  A fellow is coming over with a big truck on Monday and I want to have all this stuff gathered together so it can be out of here.    As I gathered these things, I felt like we were purging for selling out house, but we are not.   There will still be plenty of things here for a “real” purge when we do move.

I am praying each of you have a wonderful Sabbath day.