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Babylock OVATION

IMG_4960A little shopping and this marvelous new workhorse came home with me today.  Babylocks are quality machines and I anticipate much enjoyment using it.

IMG_4962This is her on the left and the Evolution she is replacing is on the right.   She has a knee pedal, plus a larger harp area and the foot lever is on the front of the machine.   The throat (harp) area is large enough to use on quilts, so this one should get much more use.   I only used the Evolution for finishing off seams as it was difficult to get bulk through her.   Now I have to clean the threads etc. off and put her up for sale.  The store’s policy is that anyone who buys a used Babylock can take the operating lessons from them for free, so that will help, plus a used machine sells for a lower price than a new one.