Daily Archives: July 26, 2016




Produce and machine servicing

IMG_4991Today’s pickings – a canner load of beans

IMG_49908 large zucchini because I forgot we had planted them in that spot and I thought that was a different type of squash.

IMG_4978 5 ears of corn – most of the corn didn’t do very good this year.    I will have to deal with canning and making zucchini patties and bread the rest of this week.

Often when I get a new machine, they aren’t interested in what I have to trade in, so they sit here.    It was time to clean all that out.   So I pulled out the machines and readied for sale the ones that are working.   There are two that don’t work well enough to sell them.   Since they are electronic machines, I’m not sure what I can do with them.    And I’m not sure if anyone will want the accessories that came with them.   However, the machines are leaving here shortly.  I just have to decide how to deal with them.   The good ones will go on Craig’s list.