Daily Archives: July 28, 2016




Rather warm day

Quality Sewing & Vacuum

86 degrees with 40% humidity is rather warm in the Pacific Northwest.   So shopping we went as the stores are cool.   We took  2 dying sewing machines to the dealer to use any parts they could.

Then to JoAnn’s as I have a gift card. The clerk managed to find 3 discounts on my phone for the items we wanted  So I only used $13.00 and I bought 2 pieces of fabric and DH a skein of yarn for the babies hats he makes.  But we wandered and look at other items as the temperature in the stores was cool.

Next, off to the eye doctor to pick up the prescription glasses.   It was nice and cool there as well.


  Target is a wonderful place to browse midday, when others are elsewhere.   There were not many customers at noon.  We did pick up a small plastic wastebasket.  I was surprised at how their grocery department has grown.

Costco is another good browsing place.  We bought some dog biscuits and light bulbs as well as a few groceries.  But we took our times.   2 of the items we would have purchased, they no longer carry.   All this cool browsing put about 500o steps on our pedometers.   We finally came home mid afternoon and had lunch from the garden.   I’m happy that we don’t have many of these days as we might have to get air conditioning in our house.    Tomorrow is also supposed to be this temperature, so am lining up places to visit.