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Use it or lose it

DH and I have really been pushing ourselves as we realize that we don’t have the stamina that we had when he was still working (now we have to work back up).   We have all seen people who have just kept doing what they have always done and don’t slow down.   Recently I saw where a 100 year woman ran another marathon.   There are other examples we’ve all seen.

I’ve been asked how I get so much done.  Push, Push, Push.   Our bodies were made to move and when we don’t, they slow down.

 My step goal is 10,000 steps per day.  My doctor recommended knee surgery about 5 years ago.  I asked her if there was anything I could do to avoid that and she said “walk”.   So I walk.  Yes, there are a few times when the knee is a bit uncomfortable, but I think the longer I can go without the surgery, the better.  And the knee is never  uncomfortable  more than a few minutes.

  We have added gardening to our activities and when it gets cold, we will go to the gym 3 times a week again (our insurance covers “silver sneakers).   We also go to the gym once a week for senior “yoga” which is really just stretching exercises.

The other thing is we try to put only the best fuel in our mouths, which is why we grow as much food as we do.  That is not to say, we do it all correctly.   On occasion, we indulge in a bit of sugar.  But most of the time, we are careful to eat food as grown, which also means no animal foods,  extracted oils or processed food.  And we eat a lot of our food raw.  We do eat foods that contain oils such as raw nuts, and avocados, however, try not to have fractured foods.  And I no longer worry about weight, though it could/should be less.   I think being happy and content is worth a lot when it comes to our health.

I make *lists of what I want to accomplish each day and really try to get through them, but the only things that I must do each summer day are the steps and the hoop house watering.  Other things that don’t get done, spill over into the next day.   For instance, I had “pick lavender” one day, but I found the bending to be too much for one day, so it spilled over into several days, with one bush at a time.

And yes, we do hire the heavier work done.   That  is not worth killing ourselves and it gives a bit of money to someone who really needs it.  As well, sometimes I make my list short so we can have a “vacation” day.  And each week we observe a Sabbath day.

If you have other questions, just ask, as I don’t mind answering them.

*Lists are made by making an annual list, a monthly list, and a daily list.   The daily list is altered mostly by the weather.