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Jelly Forest flimsy

IMG_4936As you can see, the quilt top is slightly larger than my board.   The quilt is from “Strip your stash” by Gunrun Erla and published by stashbooks.    This quilt top is 55 x 82, which will make a nice lap top.  It is the first in the book.   The instructions were very good and accurate.   I used a jelly roll that was precut, but one can cut their own 2.5″ strips as she has instructions in the book.

Other than that which took a lot of the day, we went out and purchased some birthday cards and gift cards.   Now to water the hoop house and feed the sheep and relax.

By the way, the people who filmed the documentary “Pioneer quest” which is free to Amazon Prime members also has one on the route that the fur traders used and I believe their is one other.   I highly recommend them as they are as accurate as one can get.