Daily Archives: July 19, 2016




Busy, busy, busy

Do you sometimes feel that you are always busy, but just don’t seem to get much done.   That’s the way I’m feeling today.   I picked out and washed backings for 5 quilts, but there’s nothing to show you.  Housework only shows when not done and the same goes for weeds.

IMG_4940Can you see all the moss?   We had someone out today to clean the roof and gutters.   And the roof looks new again.   Apparently, this fellow had an extra half day, and since he has done other work for us in the past, he had a lot to look at and show us as well.  He loves showing off his high pressure sprayer, so he showed us how he can even weed with it    That was interesting.   Next week he will bring his big truck and take away all the garbage a farm can collect – rotting boards, pieces of fencing, it goes on.


Somehow, I did manage to pull colors for a new quilt and start cutting it out.   I cover the pieces when I leave the room, with rulers, books etc, so they don’t go blowing in various directions when someone enters the room.   I don’t think I’ve done a brown, orange and blue quilt, so this will be interesting.  This will be another one of those quilts done in small time segments.