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Still spinning my wheels

IMG_4943After the chiropractic appointment, we stopped to shop at Whole Foods.  While there we each had a large burrito.   They were HUGE.   This is the half that I couldn’t eat.    We were running late so I decided to take a raincheck on the infomercial at Sew Fun and will attend that next week.

IMG_4946As we were coming home, I received a call from Mary, who wanted to come over for a
“bit”.   This is her grandson who just turned 6 months.   I put the groceries away, she came and we visited and enjoyed one happy little person.   He was perpetual motion even though he doesn’t yet crawl.   He’s very close to getting up on those hands and knees. Since both of us were tired, we just chatted and played with Tristan. Sometimes, the best thing is to put aside the things that need to be done and interact with people.

IMG_4947These are today’s pickings.   Probably 60-70 garlics for use and storage, 6 onions and a few potatoes for the next week’s use.  I am so thankful for a good garden this year.